Prasarana's LRT Project

We are proud to be involved in the Utilities Relocation works for Prasarana's LRT Extension project. Our UPT Line-stopping method was adopted to avoid unnecessary water supply disruption in the Klang Valley area. Pipe sizes involved are as large as up to 1600mm in diameter.

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BESRAYA Eastern Extension

We are proud to be involved in the project as specialist for hot-tapping & line-stopping works

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MRT SYB2 Project

We are proud to be involved in the new KL MRT project for V2 , V3, V4, V5, V6 &V7 Diversions package.

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We Are Going Trenchless

We are venturing into the field of trenchless technology, with microtunneling machines (pipe jacking) up to 2500mm.

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2nd Malaysia Book Of Record

We are proud to received an award from Malaysia Book of Record for 'Biggest Interconnection Pipeworks In Reclining Position Using Hot-Tapping Method ( 2100mm )

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Malaysia's Specialist Recognition

We are proud to be Malaysia's First & Largest Hot-Tapping and Line-Stopping Specialist

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We are proud to be involved in this project as specialist for hot-tapping & line-stopping works

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UPT (Hot Tapping & Line stopping) Bio-Robic DEWATS TESCO Japan
Bio-Robic Bio Microbes Enzyme (Odor)    
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UPT Hot-Tapping

UPT Hot-Tapping has been established locally in Malaysia since the early 2000.

UPT Line-Stopping

Genbina’s UPT Line-Stopping is the First & Largest listed in Malaysia Book of Records with capability up to 2500mm in diameter for water & wastewater pipelines.

Our Video

View our corporate video . Genbina provides holistic technology and services solutions to the water industry


UPT Line Stopping


Line-stops (sometimes called “Plugging”) start with a hot tap, but are intended to stop the flow in the pipe.  Line-stops are of necessity, somewhat more complicated than normal hot taps, but they start out in much the same way.  A fitting is attached to the pipe, a hot tap is performed prior.  Once the hot tap has been completed, the valve is closed, then another machine, known as UPT Stopper is installed on the pipe.  The line-stopper is used to insert a plugging head into the pipe, the most common type being a pivot head mechanism, which is designed for working pressure of up to 10 bar.
The Work. The Line-stop Setup includes the hot tap machine, plus an additional piece of equipment, a UPT Line-stopper.  The Line-stopper can be either mechanical (screw type), or hydraulic, it is used, to place the line-stop head into the line, therefore stopping the flow in the line.  The Line-stopper is bolted to a Line-stop Housing, which has to be long enough to include the line-stop head (pivot head, or folding head), so that the Line-stopper, and Housing, can be bolted to the line-stop valve. Line-stops are normally performed through temporary valves owned by GENBINA who performs the work, once the work is completed, the fitting will remain on the pipe, but the valve and all other equipment is removed.
A Line-stop starts out the same way as does a Hot Tap, but a larger cutter is used,.  The larger hole in the pipe, allows the line-stop head to fit into the pipe.  Once the cut is made, the valve is closed the hot tap machine is removed from the line, and a Line-stopper is bolted into place.  New gaskets are always to be used for every setup, but “used” studs and nuts are often used, because this operation is a temporary operation, the valve, machine, and the stopper are removed at the end of the job.  New studs, nuts, and gaskets should be used on the final completion, when a blind flange is installed outside of the completion plug.  The Line-stopper is operated, to push the plugging head (line-stop head), down, into the pipe, the common pivot head, will pivot in the direction of the flow, and form a stop, thus stopping the flow in the pipe.  A final Completion plug is set below the valve, once set, pressure above the plug can be bled off, and the valve can then be removed.
Genbina is the ONE and ONLY specialist in Malaysia who has proven track records with equipments fully made in Malaysia. UPT Line-Stopping services from Genbina is the most affordable and competitive available for sizes as small as 150mm to 2500mm in diameter.
Our quality work has been recognized internationally with a Gold Award at The International Quality Summit in New York in 2009. And enlisted on the Malaysia Book of Records for being the First & Largest Pipe Diversion Works carried out with UPT Hot-Tapping & Line-Stopping in 2007.
To date Genbina is capable and has undertaken projects for pipe sizes of 250mm, 300mm, 450m, 600mm, 675mm, 700mm, 800mm, 840mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1300mm, 1600mm, 1800mm, 1850mm, 2050mm & 2200mm,
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